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Burp Clothes for Sweet V!!! June 11, 2012

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These are a stack of burp clothes I made for sweet baby Valentina.  She is such a sweet girl.  She goes to bed about eight o’clock each night and sleeps the night away.  She is such a good girl.

I am ready for the hot weather to go away and the summer has just begun.  I’d be happy if it never got above seventy!!!  LOL  Oh well, I can stay in my air conditioning pretty much until the weekend.  I looked at the weather forecast last night and we are in for a HOT week.  The only day it looks like it will be cooler is Tuesday.  Keep cool!  Elaine


Playing with the kids… June 7, 2012

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I never wrote a post yesterday.  I was too busy playing with the neighbor boys.  They were outside when I went out to wash up the new truck sandbox last night.  I asked them if they wanted to help me (what kid doesn’t want to play in water outside!?!?) and of course they said yes!  🙂  They ran home to check with their mom to see if it was okay and she said sure.   So the three of us got the sandbox all washed up.  They were enjoying washing off the larva, and bugs…haha.  Typical boys!!!  They went home for supper, and after they finished we started hauling bags of sand one by one with my red cart from the van to the sand box.  It took four bags to fill it to a nice level, and I have two bags left as I wasn’t sure how much it would take.  I’m sure I will be adding more to it before the summer is over.  Evan (6) and Riley (9) are such nice boys.  They are delightful to have around.  I sat on my porch watching them play, enjoying my flowers, the weather, and the view.  I sure do love it here!!!  Life is good!!!

Mason was here today and he loves the new sandbox.  We were outside a couple of times, and then he took a 3 hour nap on my lap in the recliner.  Our favorite place to be together!  Lately he just doesn’t want to wake up, I swear he’d sleep forever on my lap.  Jenna doesn’t know what has got into him.  I am guessing the fresh air is doing some of it and probably another growth spurt!  After he left, I started working on a case for my Kindle.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  I took a pattern that I found on Pinterest for a Kindle Fire, and redid it as I wanted to add this gal in the center so I needed to do some figuring to make it turn out right, plus I needed to make it smaller as my Kindle is the newest little one that they have.  You can get one for $79.00 now.  I have had it for a few months and absolutely love it.  I find I read way more  as I can just throw it in a bag or purse.  And I do a lot of reading, (and napping) with sleeping babies.  I read for awhile today while Mason was napping.  I haven’t bought one book, I subscribe to Ereader News Today and I receive an email that shows all the free books that are only free for that day.  Once you “buy” the free books, they are yours forever.   There all kinds of topics for all different ages, and I read books to Mason on the Kindle too.  I love it!

I bought a panel of these funky sewing gals at the quilt show in Sun Prairie a few years ago.  Doesn’t this gal look just like me!?!?!  I still need to wrap the tape measure in my hair but I do have spool of thread earrings…LOL.  Only mine are a lot smaller and they are silver. 🙂

It is hard to see in the picture but an elastic pony tail holder is the closure around the button.  If I were making another one, which I might make some, I would make the pony tail holder shorter, and tighter.  But for me this will be perfect as usually I am trying to take it out of the case with one hand as the other arm and hand is holding a sleeping child.

I love the little safety pin fabric.  This was a purchase at Quilt Expo in Madison one year.  Quilt Expo is one of my most favorite days of the year.  It is when us quilter go to shopping heaven and we shop till we drop!!!!  It get’s a person all inspired and you are ready to go home and sew, sew, sew!!!  There are so many quilts and other sewing projects to look at.  I usually come home with a bunch of new patterns, and maybe a new tool or two.

I put a pocket on the back of the bag which holds my charger for the kindle and my book light.  The case is lined with white flannel, so it is nice and soft inside and it won’t scratch up the screen.  I would love to hear what you think of it.  Leave me a comment!

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