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Scrapbook Frame July 5, 2012

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My grand daughter Dianna was over for the day last week for the first time at my new apartment.  She just loved the apartment and how I have it decorated.  She will be 15 in September and she told me that when she is 18, she wants a place just like this and she was joking around that when she is old enough to live in Senior housing, she wanted to live right next door to me!  😀  She was just to cute and she surely made this Grammie’s heart happy at how much she loves my place, and how much fun she had.

I have a scrapbook frame in my kitchen, that I have a picture of on my old blog, elainemwilson.blogspot.com that many of you may remember me posting.  I like that one so much that I had an extra frame that I had picked up thrifting so when Diana told me how much she loved mine and how she would like one for her room, I told her about the extra one I had and would she like to make one.  Well, I got a great big “Could we!?!?!” and we spent the afternoon printing pictures and designing her frame.  She still wants to add a picture that she has at home to the left corner.  It turned out cute and she was so very happy with it.  I also showed her Pinterest and she is hooked on it too!  I spend hours on it….I love it so!!!  I love all the great idea’s and free patterns on it.

I am busy preparing for my stamping class and I am very thankful to be in the nice cool air conditioning.  Have a great day!  Elaine


Sweet Baby Valentina June 21, 2012

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Man it is hot out side!  And I was out and about two different times today running around doing errands.  I am glad to be inside, in the air conditioning relaxing now.  I have had a headache for hours and should have taken a nap, but I decided to keep plugging away at things and go to bed early tonight.

This scrapbook stand was another one of my spray painting projects.  I am doing the craft/living room area in aqua and red.  I love that color combination together!  It goes good with my “50’s” table that has red chairs.  I made this scrapbook page of Valentina last week.  The designer paper I printed off the computer and is the Enchanted Paper off of the Sale-A-Bration CD.  I love, love, this paper and you will be seeing more of it, and other sheets from that pack as I printed off 20 sheets to make things for around my house.  It has the aqua and red in it and goes so nicely with the look I am going for.

I hope you enjoyed the picture of  “Our little Princess” !  Elaine