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Cute little Newsboy Hat July 13, 2012

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I love the colors in this Newsboy Hat, blues, purples, and green.  Such a pretty mix.  Variegated yarns tend to be my favorite, but I make a lot of solid color hats too.

It has been crazy busy this week.  My sister and her family were here, Mason spent a day with me, Diana spent a day with me, I went to Marshfield with Carol, church work, etc.  I am looking forward to a peaceful day today….hopefully!

I got in a little bit of quilting last night, in between a nap and early bedtime.  I was tired out and sure needed the extra sleep.

I think I will rustle up some eggs, hash browns, and toast now.  Have a great day!


Good to be home. July 9, 2012

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A day that I can spend all day at home seems far and few between so I am really enjoying this one today.

I did some rearranging on my tables in my bedroom so that I would have a spot that I could leave permanently set up while working on paying bills for my new treasurer job for the church.

I got a few other odd jobs done around here today, but Monday’s are mainly a rest day for me after being at the flea market, and watching the Grand kids on the weekend.

Here is another fun hat I finished.  I took this photo in the evening so the yellow isn’t showing up quite as bright as it actually is.  It is a pretty shade of light yellow.  This hat is sized for girls.  Stay cool.  Elaine


Tired of the heat

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I was helping at the flea market again today, and it was quite warm, and I didn’t feel so great.  I am very tired of this hot weather, and it looks like there is no end in sight!  Grrr…..

Here is another newsboy hat.  I actually made this one a couple of months ago, but I needed to get the button’s sewn on.  It is amazing how sometimes it is hard to find time for those little five minute projects.

I took a nap after I got home, and Jenna, Diana, Mason, and Valentina came over for awhile.  They had been on a picnic with Sarah at Oshner’s park in Baraboo, and were tired out from the heat.  We visited a bit, and then I took Mason out to play in the sandbox and they all took naps.  The little neighbor boys, and their mom Lisa, were over and the kids all had a great time.  Evan had a birthday on Friday, and he had a new remote controlled car that he was playing with on the side walk.  Mason had never seen one of those before (that I know of) and he had a high old time chasing it around.  He was just a laughing and jabbering away with the boys.  It was so fun to see him interacting with the boys and talking up a storm.  My neighbor Scotty came home and he sat and visited with us and watched the kids play for awhile too.

After everyone went home, I made a can of soup, took some more pictures for the blog, packaged up some hats, finished up another project that is a birthday present (I will be posting it soon….shhhh…it’s a surprise!!!)  and then have been pinning more hat patterns on pinterest.  Oh how I love that, so much fun.

Gotta run….till tomorrow.  Elaine


Sunny days of summer July 8, 2012

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Hello all!  I hope you are surviving the heat!!!  It was extremely humid today at the flea market and I was sweating bullets, but I was thankful that it was much cooler than it has been!  In the afternoon, it was actually cooler to be outside than inside the stall.  My brother-in-law Mike and my niece Brooke were selling across from us today so that was nice.  Mike helped me in my storage unit moving boxes, and totes and he now has it so I can get to all my fabric!  I am so happy about that!!!  The whole family (except for Bob) came over after the flea market and Mike helped me by getting some hooks put back up for my hanging baskets.  I will have to take a picture to show you.  They sure are lovely.  I am enjoying them so much.

Here is a new hat that I recently finished.  I have a stack of them on the table that I needed to shoot pictures of, so you will be able to see them now that I have that done, and it also pretty much guarantee’s that I will be posting every day for awhile as the pics are loaded onto the computer.  If you find that I am  not posting, it is usually because I don’t have pictures of stuff I have made taken and uploaded.  Some times life gets away on me, and even though I am still creating, something’s gotta give, and one of those somethings are usually the blog.  I have been working away at getting my card ready for the stamp a stack on the 26th, and there are some cute one’s!!  But I am not showing them until AFTER the stamp a stack, so you will just have to join us so you can make them too!  Have a good one!  Elaine



Scrapbook Frame July 5, 2012

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My grand daughter Dianna was over for the day last week for the first time at my new apartment.  She just loved the apartment and how I have it decorated.  She will be 15 in September and she told me that when she is 18, she wants a place just like this and she was joking around that when she is old enough to live in Senior housing, she wanted to live right next door to me!  😀  She was just to cute and she surely made this Grammie’s heart happy at how much she loves my place, and how much fun she had.

I have a scrapbook frame in my kitchen, that I have a picture of on my old blog, elainemwilson.blogspot.com that many of you may remember me posting.  I like that one so much that I had an extra frame that I had picked up thrifting so when Diana told me how much she loved mine and how she would like one for her room, I told her about the extra one I had and would she like to make one.  Well, I got a great big “Could we!?!?!” and we spent the afternoon printing pictures and designing her frame.  She still wants to add a picture that she has at home to the left corner.  It turned out cute and she was so very happy with it.  I also showed her Pinterest and she is hooked on it too!  I spend hours on it….I love it so!!!  I love all the great idea’s and free patterns on it.

I am busy preparing for my stamping class and I am very thankful to be in the nice cool air conditioning.  Have a great day!  Elaine


Valentina’s baptism July 4, 2012

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Sorry it has been so long since I have posted.  I have been so busy, just a lot going on!  As promised, here are a couple of pictures from Valentina’s baptism.  This is my daughter Jenna, holding her daughter Valentina.  A beautiful picture for sure, you can see how much she loves her!!

This picture is a group picture that I took before Sarah had me taking pictures with her camera.  The two “Godmother’s” are on the left (my other daughter Sarah) and on the right is Jacqueline Wilson, cousin to my girls.  Antonio, Jenna’s husband is in the black shirt, Pastor Krebs is in the center, and then on his right is Jenna and baby Valentina.

I am enjoying being home in my cool house today.  Not looking forward to stepping out in the inferno to do my laundry, I am glad that I only have to walk about six feet and I will be out of it again!  Stay cool!  Elaine


New Stamping Club June 25, 2012

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Hello!  I have been asked by several people when I am going to start teaching again, and I have decided to start a new stamping club!  Woo Hoo!  I am very excited about doing this, and about seeing you all again and about introducing new people to our love of stamping!  I am going to be doing this a lot differently than I have done in the past.  I will NOT be representing or selling for a company, in fact, I will not be selling product.  I may from time to time set out some of my own stamping products that I wish to sell but I will not be trying to sell you product from a company.  This is not going to be a stamping party.  It is going to be an on going club.  It will cost $5.00 per month to be a member of the club, and the only thing you will need to bring is adhesive.  This can be double sided tape, a double sided adhesive runner like Snail, or an ATG gun, what ever you like to use.  The $5.00 per month will cover the wear and tear on my stamps and equipment.  We will be making cards and tags with products from all sorts of companies, what a fun way to build up your card stash with out having to buy any products.  I will have stations set up with different cards that you will MOVE around to make.  One station will be a different Christmas card every month, so you can get a jump start on getting them done, and I also will have one station where you make a tag.  You can pick and choose what you make and how many of each item that you make.  Cards will cost $1.00 each and tags 50 cents.  For example, you may need sympathy cards for your card stash and you really like this card we are making this month.  You can choose to make one of them, or you can choose to make 5 of them.  At the end of the session when you are ready to leave, you will “check out” and pay your bill.  An example of a bill might be: club fee $5.00 plus actual cards and tags made, for this example we will say that you made 5 cards and 2 tags (the amount you actually make is up to you), so in this example your bill would be $11.00 ($5.00 club fee, $5.00 for the cards, and $1.00 for the two tags).  I hope I have explained this clearly.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call, my phone number is 608-403-4398, or you can email me at emsw61@yahoo.com

The club will be starting on Thursday, June 26th and I will be holding it in the Community Room in the apartment building that I live in.  I live in Friendship Terrace, and the address is 201 North Adams Street, Friendship WI.  It is a tan building right behind the courthouse in Friendship.  Parking is right in front of the building and there is also more parking next door.  The room has air conditioning, large picture windows to look out, sofa and chairs for you to visit and relax in, a bathroom, and little kitchen area.  If you would like to bring your lunch or supper along, a drink, or snacks, feel free too.  I am offering two sessions, a morning session from 10am to 1pm and an evening session from 5pm to 8 pm.  You can come and go during these sessions as you need to.  I will have instructions at each station so you can work at your own pace and I will be there to help you.  Feel free to share this email with your friends and please print a copy for yourself. Have a wonderful day!  Elaine

Stamp a Stack Schedule for the rest of 2012:

Thursday, July 26th    ,              10am to 1pm OR 5 pm to 8pm
Thursday, August 23rd              10am to 1pm OR 5 pm to 8pm
Thursday, September 27th         10am to 1pm OR 5 pm to 8pm
Thursday, October 25th             10am to 1pm OR 5 pm to 8pm
Thursday, November 29th          10am to 1pm OR 5 pm to 8pm
No class in December

Club space is limited so reserve your space now!