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New bulletin board June 23, 2012

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Here is another one of my spray paint projects.  This was a picture frame that had a mat in it that you can insert photo’s to have a framed photo collage.  I ditched all that stuff, and just kept the cardboard backing.  I used cork that comes in a roll, glued that to the cardboard, and then covered it with fabric which I glued to the back of the cardboard.  Walah!  Then all you have to do is stick it all in the frame and push down all of the staples that are attached to the frame.  I hung it in my living/stamping area.  Now I need to find somethings to pin up on it.  I also sprayed the Stamping Sister’s frame that is hanging to the right of it.  As always, if you want to see something closer, click on the photo to make it larger.

Yesterday was a joyous day.  Our little Valentina was baptized.  I will post a couple of pictures from the baptism another day.  My camera is at Jenna’s right now so you will have to wait!  😀  I had Mister Mason over night last night.  He was content to sit on Grammies lap in the recliner, watching the Aristocats (last night, and again this morning) and Thomas the Train.  He had more fun taking my crochet hooks in and out of the pouch, handing them to me, putting them back in the pouch, and zipping it shut.  Who needs toys when you have Gram’s lap to cuddle in and crochet hooks to play with!?!?!  Elaine


Decorating the bathroom June 20, 2012

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Hello!  I mentioned in some of my post’s last week that I was doing some spray painting.  Here is one of the items that I did.  I love how it turned out and how it looks on my wall.  It was a fifty cent find at Practical Cents.  I may make or put a bird in it at some time but it makes me smile every time I walk into the bathroom now.  The 3D effect and how it sticks out from the wall just  completes things.

The picture is new too.  I just bought it at Pamida for 50% off, so it was only $7.00!  And it goes so well with my shower curtain.  The photo of the shower curtain doesn’t do it justice.  It is really much prettier in person.  The bathroom is small and it  is hard to take pictures in there, but I did the best that I could!

I got my curtains hung up in the bedroom yesterday.  I ended up taking the blinds down as the curtain rods wouldn’t fit over the top of them, so it ended up being a longer project than I thought it would be.  Kind of how all the projects I worked on lately have been!

It really feels good to be getting some of these projects done.

I had supper at Jenna’s tonight, and I was entertaining Valentina while Jenna was doing some baking.  Valentina was talking up a storm tonight.  She loves watching Sesame Street and she isn’t quite 3 months old yet.  Her favorite part of the show is Abbey’s flying fairy school.  Probably because there is lots of pink and bling and that Abbey talks in a high voice, who knows, but she was just a cooing and talking to Abbey today.

Mason get’s all excited about reading books on my Kindle and tonight we read a big Arthur book that some one gave them about bring home a new baby sister.  It has lots of flaps you flip up which he loves and he really likes the picture of the baby spitting up.  LOL   He can relate to that as he likes to wipe Valentina’s face when she spits up, and even when she doesn’t.  She tolerates it pretty well…after about the twelfth time, she will start to fuss when she gets sick of it!   She got me good with the spit up tonight, at a time I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t have the burp cloth.  All over my shoulder!

At one point when I first arrived, I had Valentina asleep in one arm in the recliner and Mason came down from his nap and he wanted to snuggle with Grammie too so he was in the other arm.  It is so much fun to have them so close now and seeing them just about every day.  I love it!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing a little piece of my world.  Have a wonderful day!  Elaine