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Believe pillow August 30, 2012

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Today’s post is about an order I did for a pillow with the word “Believe” on it.  A friend of mine, has a friend with cancer, and their mantra is to Believe, so I made this bright and cheery pillow for her.

ImageMy friend wrote a special message on a heart and I stitched that on the back of the pillow to personalize it.

ImageI make custom orders with what ever saying or quote a person would like.  Contact me if you are interested!

ImageMy daughter Sarah lost her best friend Kayla Konemann, in a tragic car accident a couple of weeks ago.  Please keep Sarah, the Konemann family and friends of Kayla in your prayers.  Also, my neighbor Arnold had a kidney transplant today, and I am sure he would appreciate your prayers too.  I am taking care of his tomato plants for him.  Count your blessings!  Elaine


Crochet Rings August 7, 2012

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I am absolutely loving this cooler weather.  It is great!  Jenna stopped at the flea market on Sunday afternoon with the two kids and I took Mason for a walk with the stroller and passed out books to the vendors.  Many of the vendors were excited to see him and were spoiling him rotten.  We came home with a whole bunch of new toys.  He has lots of new little cars and trucks to play with and we had a wonderful time playing with them on one of the benches at the flea market.  When we closed the flea market, he came home with me for awhile and he played with the neighbor boys in the sandbox and Lisa and I visited.  Such a lovely day to be outside.  We had supper at Mom and Dad’s with Jenna and Valentina.  Mom had baked some chocolate muffins and Mason thought they were birthday cakes, much to his delight….so we sang “Happy Birthday to him”!!!  His birthday is coming up.  He will be 2 on August 18th.  Hard to believe.  I swear….the older you get, the faster that time flies by!!

These are some new crochet rings that I am making.  A fun little project, working with crochet thread.  Time to head to bed for this girly!  Have a good one.  Elaine