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A hunting we will go…. July 28, 2012

Filed under: Crochet — elainemwilson @ 4:08 am

Another busy week in Mayberry.   I went to Tomah with Diane on Tuesday.  She had a doctor’s appointment and we did some shopping.  It is good to be stocked up on groceries again!  Tuesday night, Diana came home with me and we had another sleepover.  I sure am going to miss her when she goes back to Milwaukee next week.  I think we will try and get another sleep over in before she goes.  We have had lots of them in the past two months.  Thursday I headed down to Sarah’s to house sit and take care of the cat and dog and I came home this evening.   I have chosen not to say anything before now, but I have been spending as much time as I can with her, trying to support her and  in prayer, as it has been a really rough year for her.  She has filed for divorce.  She has done everything possible to try and save her marriage, but it isn’t meant to be.  So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I am telling you this as I hope it will help you to understand some of the decisions that I have made, and my inability to keep up with the blog.  It has really been a crazy year (or two 🙂 ) for me and my family.  I love my family so much, and they come first.  I hope that you can understand that.

In the meantime, I have crochet 6 of these blaze orange hunting hats.  I usually crochet while I am at the flea market, and sometimes when I am at Jenna’s baby sitting.  YARN, was one of the first words Mason learned!  Ha ha.

I will be at the flea market over the weekend.  Stop in and say hello!   Elaine


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